10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (2023)

Are you on the hunt for a used car but curious about its past? Unlike a new car, a used one already has its fair share on the roads. Getting one can be a hit or a miss since a freshly detailed interior and a new paint job can be misleading. If not careful, it’s easy to end up purchasing a lemon that could in the long run cost you a lot.

So, what to do to avoid getting into shady deals when purchasing a secondhand vehicle?

Like our Social Security numbers, all cars have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It is a 17-character code comprising numbers and letters assigned to all new vehicles sold in the US since 1981. Running a VIN lookup can reveal a wealth of crucial vehicle information, tracing its history since it was manufactured.

Read on to check out the 10 best free VIN check services that can help you get an accurate and reliable vehicle history report in the comfort of your home.

1. VINPit – Best Overall Free VIN Check Service

1.1: VINPit Overview

VINPit is a popular online platform that provides comprehensive VIN check services free of charge. It tops this list because it uses the most comprehensive databases to uncover many car details in minutes. Car buyers can use it to verify the info given to them by the seller to determine whether the automobile is in good condition.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (1)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (2)

A VINPit vehicle report can reveal any hidden history or untold breakdowns, so buyers are in an advantageous position to make informed decisions.

It tells all the red flags about a particular car by verifying mileage, recall history, maintenance data, documented photos, and police accident records so that car buyers can avoid committing big budgets to a worthless vehicle.

1.2: How To Run A VIN Number Lookup With VINPit

Traditionally, manually translating a VIN number was hectic and would take a lot of time. But that is not the case with VINPit, as one of the best VIN check services. Here is how the online tool works:

  • Feed in the unique VIN code

Visit the VINPit website on any web browser and key in or paste the VIN code in the search bar.

  • Data fetching

Click the green Start Search button to initiate an automated run of the VIN code against various online databases to collect all its associated information.

  • Get the vehicle history report

Wait a few seconds for VINPit to compile a comprehensive report.

Note: VINPit also allows you to search for vehicle history with only the license plate number.

1.3: What Will VINPit Show Once You Perform A VIN Check

After conducting a free VIN check on VINPit, the following are some of the details you can discover:

  • Title records: They show the state where the car was registered and how many times it’s been registered.
  • Vehicle specifications: This includes interior and exterior colors, maximum horsepower, year of manufacture, and oil capacity, among others.
  • Accident/salvage records: The compilation of all minor and major accidents that involved the car and were reported to law enforcers.
  • Market value: These are insights on how much nearby potential buyers are offering to get the vehicle.
  • Theft records: Theft reports and recoveries logged with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) are also included.
  • Safety ratings: Reported by the IIHS, these scores give hints about the car’s crashworthiness as well as crash avoidance and mitigation.

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2. VINCheckFree – Best Free US VIN Check Tool

As the name suggests, VINCheckFree is a well-established online VIN check tool you can use to conduct searches at zero charges. It helps analyze and interpret any car’s VIN number by retrieving essential details from a wide array of records.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (3)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (4)

Within a few simple clicks, you will instantly unveil the vehicle’s ownership history, damage records, mileage accuracy, etc. Simply paste or type in the VIN number you want to check and click the Search button. The tool will give a vehicle history report within minutes.

Some credible information available in a VINCheckFree report includes the car’s specifications, safety evaluation, market value, and accident records. Feel free to look up the VIN number of any automobile from any state in America.

Check out any VIN number for free – Get started today!

3. VINNumberLookup – Best Online VIN Lookup Tool

If you aim to avoid paying more than a used automobile’s original cost, VINNumberLookup is your go-to solution. With the free VIN number lookup service, verifying salvage claims of any vehicle in the US is easier than ever.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (5)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (6)

All you should do is feed in the VIN number located on the driver’s side door jam, or the driver’s side of the dashboard. The web-based software scans various public records to produce a vehicle history report with updated information.

That way, it becomes effortless to offer proof of make or release year when insuring the car. It also allows you to compare the price with other cars with similar features to see if you are overpaying.

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4. Bumper – Get Full Report before Buying a Used Car

Also web-based, Bumper is primarily designed to provide a reliable way to check a vehicle’s features with its unique VIN code. It gives you accurate vehicle history reports with the most recent information.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (7)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (8)

The platform fetches a car’s damage history data from NMVTIS, NHTSA, JD Power, scrap yards, salvage auctions, towing agencies, and insurance companies. You can find out the vehicle’s accident, salvage, theft, sales, and registration records.

However, Bumper is only partially free, but you get a seven-day trial that allows you to do history checks on a limited selection of cars. Furthermore, this website also offers car trading services.

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5. FreeVINCheck.io – Get VIN Info Of All Car Types & Brands

Another reliable free VIN checker is FreeVINCheck, an online-based tool that comes in handy to protect you from buying unworthy vehicles. It gives comprehensive reports on any used car’s history and current market value in seconds.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (9)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (10)

Through the FreeVINCheck service, you can unveil a wealth of information regarding a particular car’s specs, condition, and history since production. That also lets you know about accident involvement, theft cases, recalls, and complaints about the vehicle.

FreeVINCheck obtains information from authoritative sources to give you accurate and trustworthy data. It ensures you spot any hidden risks to uncover odometer fraud, VIN cloning, and title washing and helps you know if it is a lemon or a good purchase.

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6. VINCheck.info – Get Free VIN Check Service Instantly

Before paying for any used car, a thorough VIN check on VINCheck.info can reveal any hidden history. The online tool helps to prevent potential future issues, so you don’t spend money and regret it later.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (11)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (12)

VINCheck.info is well-known for its free VIN number search services with no subscription needed. It uncovers the vehicle specs, sales history, theft traces, equipment details, warranty, fuel efficiency, and impounding and towing events.

With this information, buyers can find answers to questions about a vehicle they may have been asking themselves, such as, has the vehicle been written off, is the mileage reading consistent, how many previous owners have had the car before, has it been reported stolen, or what’s the vehicle’s past?

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7. AutoCheck – Best For Private Cars Comparison

AutoCheck is a top-tier VIN check service praised over the years for having the best VIN check tool. The user-friendly site collects information from multiple sources that offer reliable data.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (13)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (14)

It is unique from other platforms in that the site leverages its patented AutoCheck Score to reveal the car’s overall condition.

Users can also access basic car details for free, including the make, model, and place of manufacture. The process is simple, but for more information, you need to pick a subscription plan for $24.99 per report or $49.99 for five.

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8. iSeeCars – Best For Used Vehicle Price Details

Another reputable free VIN check service is iSeeCars. It is internet-based so anyone can access and do a VIN check anytime, anywhere.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (15)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (16)

It provides users with exclusive access to a vehicle’s price information, including the market value, the best times to buy or sell, price history, price analysis, accident history, and projected multi-year depreciation.

Generally, it is an all-inclusive platform where you can get the key specs and features, title or lien info, theft records, recall history, and a vehicle history summary. Just enter your VIN and let the site do its magic. The only drawback is that you can only conduct five searches monthly.

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9. CarFax – Best For Used Cars Buyers with Valuable Car History Report

CarFax is the other leading vehicle history provider with a reputation for producing comprehensive reports from various distinct sources. With its cross-border motor vehicle database, you are guaranteed a history report on any particular car.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (17)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (18)

If you want to buy a secondhand vehicle, you can rely on these reports to avoid scammers and illegitimate sellers and get the best deals in town. The good thing about CarFax is it has a mobile app that comes in handy with its mobile notifications.

The platform gathers information from auction houses, DMVs, and insurance companies. However, we can’t consider it 100% accurate since CarFax only reveals reported problems.

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10. BMW VIN Decoder – Best For BMW Vehicle History Reports

Lastly, we have the BMW VIN Decoder service that you can always rely on to obtain critical data about any BMW car. It is easy to use as the search tool only requires you to input the VIN number to run an automated check online.

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (19)

10 Best Free Vin Check Services: Get A Vehicle History Report (20)

It will give you a full vehicle history report where you can find information on all unreported damages, previous countries of registration, defects and recalls, theft records, odometer readings, historical pictures, and maintenance requirements.

Conducting a BMW VIN check is helpful for buyers of used BMW cars to avoid paying for what’s not there. So, it is wise to dig deeper with the BMW decoder and collect accurate details about the ride you want in your garage.

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1. 1. Where Can You Find The Vehicle’s VIN?

There are different places to locate the VIN code on a vehicle depending on the make and model. The most common places are the dashboard on the driver’s side and the driver’s door jam.

Other cars can have the VIN engraved on the engine, on the steering column, front seat frame, chassis, fuse box lead, under the decorative panel, or on the inner surface of the front shield. You can also find the VIN number on the car’s title, registration, and maintenance records.

2. How To Decode The Vehicle Identification Number?

The 1st character represents the vehicle’s country of origin, the 2nd character denotes the manufacturer, and the 3rd character tells the car’s type or division. The 4th to 8th characters show the car’s brand, model, series, body style, and engine specs.

The 9th character is a security code to identify that the manufacturer authorized the VIN. The 10th character is the model year, and the 11th digit tells the plant where the car was assembled. The remaining 6 characters refer to the specific car manufacturing number telling the car’s serial number.

3. What If My VIN Is Less Than 17 Characters?

First, cross-check to ensure you have the correct VIN code and have copied it accordingly. If it is still below 17 characters, it is likely the vehicle got the VIN before 1981, when NHTSA made it a standard that all VINs should be 17 characters. Before that, VINs used to vary between 11 and 17 characters.


Hopefully, you can now get a full vehicle history report without the hassle of booking appointments and having to head to different offices. We have discussed the ten best free VIN check services above to ensure you have a credible experience performing a VIN number lookup. It’s up to you to pick a tool that best meets your needs.

But if you want convenience and efficiency, start with VINPit. It has access to an extensive database for a more accurate VIN report. Plus, it is online and free to use without any hidden charges.

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