10 Best Free VIN Check Services to Get a Vehicle History Report for Free (2023)

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It is not always clear what a used car has been through, so knowing its past is essential. A quick visual assessment will reveal any dents, blemishes, or scratches, but you won't know about the vehicle's maintenance history or whether it's been involved in an accident.

Fret not. There is a solution you can use to shed light on the car's history, that is, a vehicle history report. It's the best way to find out about a car's specifications and history, which may influence your decision to purchase a particular vehicle or how much you should pay for it.

You'll need the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stamped into the bottom left corner of the windshield or on your car's registration card and insurance documents. Once you have the VIN, you can get a free vehicle history report from VIN check services, here is the list of the top 4 VIN check services:

  1. VinPit - - Best Overall VIN Check & VIN Search Service
  2. VINCheckFree - Best VIN Lookup Service to Check VIN History Report Instantly
  3. VIN Number Lookup - 100% Free VIN Search Tool with a Completely Report
  4. Bumper - The Fastest VIN Lookup Tool for Vehicle History

Continue reading to learn more about these websites.

1. VinPit - Best Overall VIN Check & VIN Search Service

If you're just starting to look for a used car or you've already settled on a few, you can use VinPit to get vehicle history reports and confirm if the car's past is up to par.

VINPit is the top-leading, reliable VIN check and search service in the industry. It’s the only site compared to others that allow you to perform multiple functions for free such as VIN check, VIN decoder, vehicle history report download, and license plate lookup.

The VINPit UI is designed to help you simplify the search process. You only need to enter the VIN in the search field and click "Start Search" to get a complete vehicle history report. It also allows you to narrow your search by entering the VIN for a specific model and make of a car from any state.

You can use the VINPit report and significantly reduce your risk of purchasing a car with hidden issues that could be dangerous or expensive to repair. In addition to the number of owners, you can also see whether the vehicle has been in any significant accidents or sustained substantial damage.

Other helpful sections of a report include:

  • Salvage or junk vehicles
  • Hail, flooding, or fire damage
  • Odometer rollback or mileage discrepancy
  • Lemon vehicles
  • Theft reports, including loans or liens
  • Market Value

Click here to get a free vehicle history report to help you choose the right car.

2. VINCheckFree - Best VIN Lookup Service to Check VIN History Report Instantly

VINCheckFree is one of the largest sites that decodes VIN for nearly every car manufacturer in the world and all states in the U.S. It is recognized as one of the best VIN lookup services to check VIN history reports because it searches through a huge database of police records, service centers, and insurance companies to generate reliable information.

When you get the VINCheckFree VIN history report, you can find out if your car has the following:

  • Reports of loss or theft
  • Reportedly repossessed
  • Salvaged
  • destroyed by flooding
  • Declared a total loss as a result of an accident.
  • Branded a lemon

VINCheckFree has a simple interface that makes the process of VIN lookup quick and easy. To download a vehicle history report, access the VINCheckFree website and enter the vehicle's VIN in the "Enter VIN Number" box. Confirm that the VIN you typed is correct, then click "Search." VINCheckFree will generate a comprehensive vehicle history report in an instant.

Try out VINCheckFree and receive a free vehicle history report instantly.

3. VIN Number Lookup - 100% Free VIN Search Tool with a Completely Report

VIN Number Lookup offers you a 100% free vehicle history report either through a free VIN check and a license plate check. The VINNumberLookup free vehicle report includes information such as the make and model, VIN, theft records, free accident reports, free market value, free sales history, warranty, and year of release.

You can run a free VIN search using VINNumberLookup against more than 268 million cars registered in the US following two simple steps:

1) Enter a 17-digit VIN in the search box

2) Click the Start Search button to submit

VINNumberLookup collects data from multiple public, private, and automotive sector databases to compile a full report for its users without charging a penny. Its powerful search engine quickly scans through several databases online to compile a comprehensive report.

Try VINNumberLookup today and get a complete report!

4.Bumper - The Fastest VIN Lookup Tool for Vehicle History

Bumper is considered the fastest free VIN check service that lets you look up the specs of a car using its VIN. Typically, it takes less than five minutes to generate a free vehicle history report.

It gets and shares accurate information about the history of damage to vehicles from 22 government agencies. It also gathers information from various businesses, such as insurance providers, towing services, scrap metal yards, and salvage auctions.

Similar to other VIN lookup websites, Bumper offers prospective buyers up-to-date, comprehensive, and free vehicle history reports.

  • Vehicle safety reports,
  • Sale listings,
  • Accidents,
  • Recalls,
  • Market value data,
  • Comprehensive ownership history

The Bumper web-based platform also provides a quick way for customers to view vehicle specifications by model and supports over 50+ brands to facilitate your search. Even better, you can view the specific history you are more interested in.

Visit the official website of Bumper to determine the value of the used vehicle. To get a free vehicle history report, enter the VIN and click the "search" button.

Click here for a quick and free VIN check to receive the vehicle information.

5. CarFax - Get The Most Accurate Car History Report

The most widely used provider of vehicle history reports is Carfax. As far back as the 1980s, it was already faxing reports to its clients. The Carfax report is the gold standard against which others are measured.

What sets it apart from the rest, is you can access it through a mobile app and has more than 100,000 data sources through an extensive history of providing VIN check services in the industry. CarFax vehicle history report has the most reliable and accurate vehicle data, that will help you avoid scammers and sellers during a used car purchase.

CarFax’s checking and verification system ensures that if a car has many owners, it is identified and sorted into distinct categories. Carfax also includes more comprehensive service and maintenance records. This information might indicate the vehicle's challenges and how the previous owner took care of them.

Carfax gives free vehicle history reports with every car they sell, so people who are looking for a car can easily get this information. You can check out the report on the site without committing to buying a car.

Check Here to obtain crucial information in VIN reports with CARFAX <<

6. VehicleHistory - Best VIN Checker to Get a Free Vehicle History

VehicleHistory is renowned to provide high-quality VIN check service and has one of the best VIN decoders that guarantees its users a free vehicle history over the years. It’s the best VIN checker that offers more information than just a VIN lookup, such as gas mileage, the total cost of ownership, and market value.

This site's primary goal is to provide crucial information that buyers care about most, especially after a vehicle has been on the road for many years promoting safe transactions during car sales.

The VehicleHistory free VIN report lets you quickly and simply learn about a car's history and reduces the danger of purchasing a vehicle with undiagnosed problems. Also included in your free VIN search are the following:

  • Selling history
  • Currently available recall details
  • A comprehensive listing of manufacturer warranty expiration dates
  • Predictions of the optimum time to purchase a specific brand and model in terms of pricing

To obtain a free vehicle history report, try VIN search on VehicleHistory Today!

7.AutoCheck - Get Free Vehicle Reports at your Fingertips

Another highly regarded free automated VIN decoder website is AutoCheck. The site design has a cutting-edge feature and user-friendly interface that allows its users to decode VIN and access a vehicle’s current condition before diving into the full details available in the free vehicle report.

It gathers information from multiple and reliable data sources including the National Vehicle Database which has more than 500 million vehicles. Simply enter the VIN in the search bar and click "check VIN" to get a free vehicle history report. If you don't have the VIN, you can still get the car's information by choosing the state and entering the license plate.

AutoCheck has the best system for comparing vehicles. Using its rating system, AutoCheck compares the attributes of two potential vehicles and ranks them on a scale of 1 to 100 to help you decide which one to choose (such as rental history, engine type, model, CO2 emissions, and other specifications).

The criteria used to determine the final ranking are

  • Reports of repossession or stolen vehicles
  • Recorded mileage
  • Current Market price
  • Vehicle type
  • Leasing history
  • Flood-related damage
  • "Lemon" tag
  • Year of production.

Visit AutoCheck and look up the VIN number for a free car history report now!

8. VINCheck.info - Readily Accessible Used Car History Report

VINCheck.info is another notable VIN check service with the best readily accessible vehicle history reports in the market. This tool provides quick and accurate information for millions of used vehicles. It offers a detailed, free history of the vehicle to as many people as possible. The goal is to make getting a car history report straightforward and accessible by removing the barriers associated with using a paid service.

To get started:

  1. Find your VIN on your registration or on the vehicle itself.
  2. Enter the VIN into the VIN lookup form.
  3. Enter the VIN into the VIN lookup form.

The VINCheck.info vehicle report free access covers major accidents, title brands, theft, special designation, equipment details, sale history, odometer readings, recalls and defects, warranty, fuel efficiency, towing events, and more.

Click Here to perform a comprehensive VIN lookup on your vehicle by VINCheck.info

9. iSeeCars - Free Access to Vehicle History Report Anywhere, Anytime!

iSeeCars is another user-friendly VIN check service that allows you to enter your VIN and get full vehicle history reports. Using your PC or phone, you can access the iSeeCars online site and gain free access to vehicle history reports anywhere, anytime, without losing the comfort of your couch.

Used car dealers and consumers alike can benefit from using iSeeCars' VIN decoder. It makes sure that buying or selling used cars is safe and offers different packages with different price options. This VIN decoder retrieves data from a database of one billion vehicles and displays it to the user via a fast reporting service. Included in iSeeCars reports:

  • Market value price
  • Vehicle condition
  • Theft record
  • Previous and open recalls records
  • Vehicle specifications and features
  • Vehicle title details
  • Vehicle market supply and demand
  • Selling history

When the vehicle's seller provides it, some iSeeCars reports include a complimentary vehicle history report. You can access free iSeeCars vehicle history reports in 4 different ways.

  • Use your PC or mobile to visit the iSeeCars website for a free VIN search
  • iSeeCars's free Android and iOS mobile VIN apps - Download the app to swiftly scan a vehicle's barcode and obtain the VIN report instantaneously.
  • All used vehicle listings on iSeeCars.com - To view the report, click the "Full Report" button.
  • Google Chrome extension: When you find a VIN on a site like Craigslist or a car shopping site, iSeeCars will automatically generate a vehicle VIN report.

 Maintain detailed car reports using iSeeCars today!

10. Vin Decoded- The Best Solution to a Vehicle Past Questions

Using VinDecoded, you can quickly and easily obtain an accurate vehicle history report. It’s the best solution to a car's past events, providing crucial information such as service records, accidents, market value, previous listings, safety ratings, vehicle specifications, totaled records, salvage records, open recalls, consumer complaints, and theft data. The dealers can also view the vehicle's estimated value and owner's price.

Several partnerships between VinDecoded and vehicle dealerships make it affordable for VinDecoded to provide free vehicle history reports to clients. It is the best solution to provide honest answers to the vehicle history currently available.

Simply input the VIN on the search bar to get vehicle information by VinDecoded Now!

When Do You Need a Vehicle History Report?

Used car purchasers and dealers alike can benefit from getting a vehicle history report.

  • Since a new vehicle depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the lot, purchasing a used one is frequently the best way to save money.

However, you should find out if the used vehicle you consider buying has any problems, including being damaged by flood or having a salvage label placed on it. With this knowledge, you can avoid buying a dangerous vehicle, or get a better offer when those potentially damaging details are not deal-breakers.

  • Alternatively, if you're trying to sell your used vehicle, you'd be wise to have a vehicle history report on hand to ensure a smooth transaction for all parties. Potential purchasers will save money if you provide a free copy of the vehicle's history report, and it demonstrates that you have nothing to hide about the vehicle's past.

Can You Get a Free Vehicle History or Title Report?

Online free VIN check services provide a free option to get a vehicle history report for a used car. To get a full vehicle history report for free, visit the free VIN check website and enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car you want to buy to find out its history.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a car in person, just ask the salesperson at a dealership or independent used car lot for a copy of the vehicle’s history report. Almost all dealers subscribe to vehicle history report services and will run a free report for potential buyers interested in a particular car. If the dealer refuses to do a vehicle history report or gives you an outdated one, that could be a red flag.

Some lenders want to ensure that the car they are financing is good enough security for the loan, so they will offer a free vehicle history report on the car they are financing.


Getting a vehicle history report is the first essential step you must take if you want to buy a used car. The report is useful since it provides information about the vehicle's past, allowing you to compare it to others of the same type, and ultimately aiding in your decision-making process when purchasing a vehicle.

You can use the free VIN check services listed above, which include VINPit, VINCheckFree, VINNumberLookup, Bumper, and CarFax. Before you hand over your cash or apply for a car loan, it is imperative that you give the vehicle a test drive and have it inspected.

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