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In the world of mobile gaming, everyone is busy playing online multiplayer games like PUBG, Freefire, Clash of clans, and call of duty but sometimes we go to a place where we are not able to access the internet on our mobile due to various issues. All of the online games are worthless if your mobile does not have internet.

So in that situation, offline games provide you some comfort in the absence of the internet. There are a lot of offline games available over the internet and it’s really hard to find a good mobile game that you can play while offline. To make the process easy for you I have mentioned some of the handpicked games that I personally love to play while offline.

Here’s an overview:

  • Limbo:
  • Alto’s Odyssey:
  • Friday the 13th:
  • Solitaire Bliss:
  • Minecraft:
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons:
  • Candy Crush:
  • Ludo King:
  • Hill Climb Racing:
  • Conclusion:

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Limbo is one of the best offline games that in the present time. It has adventure unknown places, strange peoples, interesting puzzles and dangerous monsters. Limbo is the perfect example of visuals, sound, and a mysterious little something we call gameplay. The games come in the black and white 2D puzzle platformer category and available for both androids as well as pc.

If you want to play a cool game with unknown places and challenges then Limbo is the best option for you. It is an awesome game with an adventure that takes you to another world.

Download Limbo

Alto’s Odyssey:

Alto’s odyssey is also a good game in the endless runner category and it doesn’t require any Internet or Wi-Fi connection. The gameplay is pretty easy the player moves forward on his own. You just have to control jumping and performing flips in mid-air. The game is based on the desert theme and it has new features, such as wall-riding mechanics, water mechanics, tornadoes, falling platforms, balloon bouncing, and much more.

Alto’s Odyssey has some colorful and good-looking graphics and smooth gameplay. The game is free to download however the free version comes with advertising. But you can remove ads or unlock customizations by paying money. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download Alto’s Odyssey

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Friday the 13th:

Friday the 13th is a horror puzzle game based on a famous movie. The game follows the story of Jason Voorhees. The game is too bloody and we don’t recommend the game to kids but if you’re looking for a challenging and bloody experience gameplay then Friday the 13th is the best choice for you. however, they also provide R-rated content for a less bloody experience.

The game has 12 chapters and each chapter has 13 levels across different situations and terrains. The levels are small and easy to play but after completing some levels the game adds more difficulty, new mechanics, and harder puzzles that make your brain hard to play.

The levels have Fire, holes, traps. water armed guard, land mines, and more to end your terror you have to keep it cool and work through all of the obstacles to end the life of the guard and your victims. It’s a fun action-arcade-style game with some horror and gore elements plus you don’t need any internet connection to play this game.

Download Friday the 13th

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Solitaire Bliss:

Solitaire Bliss is a game that kids and adults enjoy. It’s the free challenge version of the classic card game, solitaire. Enjoy games such as Klondike (Solitaire one card and three cards), Spider Solitaire, and Freecell. 36 games are available, all in solvable-only game mode. If your family loves a good friendly competition, this one is the perfect game! Solitaire Bliss is an excellent way to stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive health.

Solitaire Bliss


Minecraft does not have a storyline, but it is one of the most played games in the world. The game is based on blocks you can create your own worlds however you want. You can play this game online as well as offline. The game provides two modes creative mode and a survival mode where you can build houses, farm, mine, kill animals to survive. They provide almost every possibility that you can do in the real world.

Minecraft is not a heavy game and it does not require good hardware to run you can run Minecraft on any mobile. but the game costs around Rs 650 with in-app purchases like players’ skins, clothes, and much more. If you like survival and adventure games then Minecraft is the best choice game for you.

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Download Minecraft

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is one of the best-rated offline games for android mobiles. The game follows the story of two unnamed siblings known as big brother and little brother. They go on a quest to find a cure for their father’s mysterious ailment. They only had each other in the story to help to overcome their problems.

The game and amazing graphics, a story beyond imagination, puzzles, and dangerous creatures. however, the game is specially made for two people you have to control them simultaneously, each mapped to a thumbstick. Brothers game is specially made for two siblings if you have a brother or sister then make sure to give it a try. It is listed on the play store at Rs. 199 only.

Download Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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Candy Crush:

Candy Crush is the most downloaded game of all time it features. It is a puzzle game that gives you 5 lives at a time and if you fail to complete the level then you lose 1 life, The life looks like 30 minutes to recharge again. Sandy crush also provides Powerups which help you to beat the level faster.

Candy Crush is a widely played game that you can play online as well as online. But make sure not to overplay the game some players claim that Candy Crush made them addicted to the gameplay. The game has an unlimited number of levels that took a lot of time to complete. They always added new levels after every update. Candy Crush is free to download the game from the Play store but it aggressively pushes the user for in-app purchases to beat the levels.

Download Candy Crush

Ludo King:

Ludo King is a classic game that you can play online or offline with friends or without friends. Ludo can be played by a maximum of 4 players. Every player gets a color slot in the game. Each player has to roll a dice to get the number to play the game your dice need to show 6 to get one pinout. The game has 8 safe spots where no one able to cut your pin. the person who can cross his all pins to the end wins the game.

Ludo is a board game and played between family and Ludo King is the conversion of the classic game into digital games. The game support every major platform including Desktop Android, iOS, and Windows mobile as well. Ludo King supports Local multiplayer (pass and play mode) while playing with your friends.

Download Ludo King

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Hill Climb Racing:

Hill Climb Racing is one of the best offline games that you find on the internet. it is a simple endless car driving game that is easy to play. You have to drive the car in the hills while without toppling or breaking the neck of the player and collecting fuel on the way. The Hill road becomes more difficult when you cover more distance.

The game has various cars and levels with different environments to play with. You can also need to collect coins on the way which can be used to upgrade the vehicles. Hill Climb Racing is free to download from Playstore with in-app purchases. They also release the sequel of the game known as Hill Climb Racing 2.

Download Hill Climb Racing

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So these are some of the best offline games for android mobile phones. Some of them are paid but you can play the demo version before actually buying the full game. Also, you can download them from APKpure for free but you need to use some mind while installing the game from that. If you face any problems while downloading any games then feel free to contact us we will happy to help you.

Thank you for reading. Do share this post with your game-buddies. They will definitely find it helpful. Let us know if you have any other suggestions to add, we will definitely look into it.

That’s all for now. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest tech updates.

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Which is the best offline low MB game? ›

  • Battlefield™ Mobile Test SEA. War. ...
  • Fortnite Global. PUBG. ...
  • Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile. Multiplayer. ...
  • Project: The Perceiver. Chinese Style. ...
  • Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Strategy. ...
  • Mortal Kombat: Onslaught (Mobile) Test SEA.
  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. Simulation.
29 Apr 2022

Which is no 1 offline game in world? ›

Here's a list of the best offline games you can play on Android.
Top 10 Best Offline Android Games – Updated October 2022.
GameDownload CostIn-app cost (per item)
I Love Hue TooFree$4.99
The Way HomeFree$6.99
TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM!Free$0.99 – $11.99
7 more rows
24 Oct 2022

What games can I play with no Internet? ›

Games that need an internet connection sometimes contain a plethora of annoying ads and pop-ups, disturbing the overall experience.
Top Free Games Without Wifi or Internet
  • Super Cat Tales 2. ...
  • The Walking Dead: Season one. ...
  • Smash Hit. ...
  • Burrito Bison: launcha libre. ...
  • Alto's Odyssey. ...
  • Time surfer (1M+ downloads)
4 Jun 2021

Which game is only 1 MB? ›

The current app portfolio contains 2 games. Overall, we estimate that 1 MB Games's apps have collected about 7 million installs, 60 thousand of them in the last 30 days. Two of the most important apps from 1 MB Games are Stickman and Gun 3: Zombie Sho and The Archers 3 : Bird Slaughter.

Which is the No 1 game for Android? ›

Android: top 50 games of 2022 so far
RankGameCombined score for downloads & revenue
2Candy Crush Saga143
3Coin Master130
46 more rows
30 Jul 2022

What is the best offline game 2022? ›

Top 10 Best Offline Android Games You Can Find in 2022
  1. Asphalt 8. Platform: Android. ...
  2. Alto's Odyssey. Platform: Android. ...
  3. Bloons TD 6. Platform: Android. ...
  4. Crossy Road. Platform: Android. ...
  5. Dead Cells. Platform: Android. ...
  6. Traffic Rider. Platform: Android. ...
  7. Nobleman: 1896. Platform: Android. ...
  8. Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus. Platform: Android.
30 Aug 2022

What should I play offline? ›

Best offline games for Android
  • ustwo games. 5.09K subscribers. ...
  • Chucklefish. 58.5K subscribers. ...
  • Bethesda Softworks. 1.82M subscribers. ...
  • Aspyr Media. 5.11K subscribers. ...
  • Alto's Adventure. 6.51K subscribers. ...
  • Feral Interactive. 12.1K subscribers. ...
  • Pomelo Games. 1.63K subscribers. ...
  • Byril Games. 3.26K subscribers.
6 days ago

Which is the highest GB game in play store? ›

10 Biggest Games in the Google Play Store
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 2.44 GB / Php 326.99. ...
  • Star Wars: KOTOR. 2.44 GB / Php 445.75. ...
  • Gangstar Vegas. 2.23 GB / Free (In-app purchases) ...
  • The Dark Knight Rises. 2.03 GB / Php 316.16. ...
  • Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. ...
  • Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. ...
  • WWE Immortals. ...
  • Order & Chaos Online.
9 Oct 2015

Which is the best game under 100mb offline? ›

Best offline games that are under 100mb
  • Asphalt Nitro.
  • World Cricket Championship Lt.
  • World Cricket Championship 2.
  • Traffic Rider.
  • Subway Surfers.
  • Beach Buggy Racing.
  • Vector.
  • Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia.

Which game is like PUBG but offline? ›

Minecraft is basically designed for those people who are fan of blocky graphics. It is also one of the best offline games like pubg for iPhone. This game is more about survival rather than combat. It is the most popular survival game like PUBG.

Which game is low MB? ›

Real Cricket is one of the best cricket games for Android by Nautilus Mobile. And the company also announced a lite version of its Real Cricket 2021 game, in the form of Real Cricket Go. As the name suggests, it's made for low-end Android phones and the best thing is it's another small MB game for Android.

What games can I play without internet for girls? ›

Try taking a chance and play some of the world's best and most popular Android games of all time that don't require internet with our list here.
  • Android games to play without internet:
  • Temple Run. ...
  • Fruit Ninja. ...
  • Subway Surfers. ...
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne. ...
  • Minecraft. ...
  • Alto's Odyssey. ...
  • Eternium.
16 Aug 2020

Is 1 GB internet fast for gaming? ›

What Internet speed do I need for gaming, you ask? Most video game console manufacturers recommend at least 3 Mbps (or “megabits per second,” the measurement of how much data can be moved in a second) of download speed and 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps of upload speed as a generally "good internet speed".

How many MB is 1 hour game? ›

As such, you can still expect to use between 40MB and 300MB per hour for most games. This means you could expect 10GB to last between 250 and 33 hours, depending on the title you're playing.

Is 1 MB download fast? ›

You can barely do anything with 1 Mbps! It's is barely quick enough to load web pages. Let alone stream Netflix or make a video call! We spent some time playing around with 1 Mbps as a download speed.

Who is best game in the world? ›

Top Games on PC in August 2022

In August 2022, the top PC games in the world by monthly active users were Minecraft, the Sims 4, and Fortnite.

Which mobile game is very popular? ›

GameAs ofPlayer count
PUBG MobileAugust 20211,120 million
Pokémon GoFebruary 20191,000 million
Mobile Legends: Bang BangNovember 20201,000 million
Garena Free FireJuly 20211,000 million
63 more rows

What is the top 1 game in the world in 2022? ›

1. GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) Grand Theft Auto V is the world no. 1 mobile game and reimagines the open-world game in a number of ways.

Is Call of Duty mobile offline? ›

COD Mobile requires an active internet connection to run. However, an internet connection is not easy for everyone to access.

Is PUBG offline? ›

PUBG Mobile is one of the most celebrated titles in the battle royale mobile gaming world. The realistic graphics of the title help in making the exciting battles even more thrilling. However, PUBG Mobile takes up more than 400 MB of space and cannot be played offline.

Which game we can play alone? ›

Racket Sports

Yes, tennis and badminton can be games for kids to play alone! They can volley tennis balls off a wall, bounce them on the ground with the racket, or bounce balls and birdies up from a racquet held horizontally.

How can I pass time without internet? ›

What to do without internet:
  1. Read articles offline.
  2. Listen to podcasts offline.
  3. Do a "brain dump" writing exercise.
  4. Come up with a few weeks' worth of blog topics.
  5. Interact with other humans.
  6. Hold an impromptu staff meeting.
  7. Take some time to relax.
  8. Make some phone calls.
19 Feb 2016

What game has the biggest MB? ›

1/19 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – 250 GB
  • PC.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Destiny 2.
  • Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Final Fantasy 15.
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.
  • Borderlands 3.
5 Jul 2022

Which Android game is biggest in size? ›

One of Best graphics in racing games. Actually, the biggest android game in size is Honkai Impact 3rd with it size is 5.6GB and have an amazing graphics but you will need a decent phone in order for it to have a 60fps smooth gameplay. Call of Duty Mobile is the largest game in size.

Which Android game has most size? ›

The title with the largest file size was CSR Racing 2 at almost 4GB.

Which is the best game under 1 GB? ›

Top 10 Android Games under 1 GB
  • Gangstar New Orleans [ Free ]
  • Shadow Fight Arena – 3D Ninja [ Free ]
  • The Wolf Among Us [ $15 For Episode (2-5) ]
  • Garena Free Fire [ Free ]
  • Real Cricket 20 [ Free ]
  • Hitman Sniper [ $0.99 ]
  • Sky Children of Light [ Free ]
2 May 2022

What is No 1 online game? ›

Most Popular Online Games of 2022: Try these Top 7 Played Video Games in the World
  • PUBG. There is a huge fan following of PUBG in the world. ...
  • Minecraft. ...
  • Apex Legends. ...
  • Fortnite. ...
  • Call of Duty Mobile. ...
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ...
  • League of Legends (LOL)
31 May 2022

Which game is equal to PUBG? ›

1. Call of Duty: Mobile. Last year, Call of Duty: Mobile was launched for both Android and iOS to give a stiff competition to PUBG Mobile.

Is Free Fire offline? ›

However, Free Fire requires an internet connection to run. To overcome these obstacles for those who have difficulty accessing the internet, here is a list of five offline games that are similar to the popular battle royale game Garena.

Which game is better PUBG or free? ›

PUBG Mobile is much sharper; it's cleaner and has a more realistic feel, unlike Free Fire which sports a different art style.

Is 512 GB good for games? ›

A 512 SSD is good enough for gaming or any other performance related task really. Most PC games will have operating files in the 30GB – 50GB region – the Witcher 3 (which is one heck of a performance intensive game) has a 50GB install file size for instance.

Is 6 MB good for gaming? ›

The minimum internet speed for gaming is anywhere from three to six Mbps—and that's only recommended for casual gaming with minimal reaction time. For more competitive gaming, you'll want at least 25 Mbps.

Which is the No 1 download game in the world? ›

See the top mobile games worldwide for January 2022 by downloads, according to Sensor Tower data. Garena Free Fire from Garena was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide for January 2022 with 24 million installs, which represented a 51.6 percent increase from January 2021.

Which game can I play free? ›

Here are the top (most popular) free online games to play right now.
  • Mahjongg Dimensions. Mahjongg Dimensions is a 3D take on the popular tile-based game. ...
  • Sudoku is a classic logic puzzle that first appeared in Japan in 1986. ...
  • Spider Solitaire. ...
  • Bubble Shooter.

What game should I play now? ›

  1. Fortnite. (Image credit: Epic Games)
  2. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. (Image credit: Nintendo) ...
  3. Fall Guys. (Image credit: Mediatonic) ...
  4. Call of Duty: Warzone. (Image credit: Activision) ...
  5. Sea of Thieves. (Image credit: Rare) ...
  6. Destiny 2. (Image credit: Bungie) ...
  7. Minecraft. (Image credit: Mojang) ...
  8. Forza Horizon 5. (Image credit: Playground Games) ...
27 Oct 2022

Which is the best game for the girls? ›

17 Best Games for Girls -Android version
  • Fruit Chop.
  • Knife Hit.
  • Candy Clash.
  • Fruit Dart.
  • Wordzie.
  • Runner Number 1.
  • Subway Surfers.
  • Fashion Story.
25 Apr 2022

What games do Gamer girls? ›

Her most popular series include Fortnite, SIMS, Minecraft, Roblox Games and Roblox Greatest Hits.

Which is the world lowest MB game? ›

Best Low MB Arcade and Retro Games
  • Download Real Bike Racing (Free)
  • Download Modern Sniper (Free)
  • Download Auto Theft Gangsters (Free)
  • Download Robot Strike 3D (Free)
  • Download Magium (Free)
  • Download Seedship (Free)
  • Download Doodle Cricket (Free)
  • Download Cricket Black (Free)
29 May 2020

Which is the lowest KB game? ›

List of 10 Best low MB games for Android and iOS
  • Chess — Play & Learn. ...
  • Skiddy Car. ...
  • Bricks Breaker Puzzle. ...
  • 2048. ...
  • ...
  • Flow Free. ...
  • Hoppenhelm. This game needs you to control Sir Hoppenhelm who lost his way in a dungeon. ...
  • Color Switch. This is the fastest game to reach 50 million downloads in the history of the App Store.
22 Jun 2022

Is 2 MB good for gaming? ›

What Internet speed do I need for gaming, you ask? Most video game console manufacturers recommend at least 3 Mbps (or “megabits per second,” the measurement of how much data can be moved in a second) of download speed and 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps of upload speed as a generally "good internet speed".

What game is the largest GB? ›

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – 250 GB
  • PC.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Destiny 2.
  • Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Final Fantasy 15.
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.
  • Borderlands 3.
5 Jul 2022

What is the best offline game in Play Store 2022? ›

Crossy Road is one of the most popular and widely played best offline Android games.

Is 256 GB a lot for gaming? ›

A 256 storage depends on how much space your game needs to store it. If 256 GB SSD gives you this much space, then yes, you have enough. But if you feel like your laptop is getting slower because you keep adding new games to it, you may need to switch. It's good for games with a low to medium load.

Is 100gb enough for gaming? ›

In general, most popular games spend between 30 to 100 megabytes per hour. Mostly, a gamer consumes between 100MB to 500MB for playing five hours.

Is 512 GB a lot for gaming? ›

A 512 SSD is good enough for gaming or any other performance related task really. Most PC games will have operating files in the 30GB – 50GB region – the Witcher 3 (which is one heck of a performance intensive game) has a 50GB install file size for instance.

How many games is 256 GB? ›

Plus, with a 256GB drive you could have 10 to 20 games installed at once, but you can always uninstall the ones you are done with if you need more space. I would recommend a 1 TB SSD minimum. I have that and I am already down to 650 GB just from a handful of games. If you use windows store those games are huge though.

Which is the best game in 20 MB? ›

Interestingly, if you are looking for offerings under 20 MB, you will mainly get racing games that are playable offline.
Five best Android games under 20 MB in Play Store
  1. Modern Sniper. Image Credits: ...
  2. Plane Simulator 3D. ...
  3. Bike Racing 3D. ...
  4. Ultimate Football. ...
  5. Ninja Revenge.
22 Sept 2020

Is 2GB a lot for gaming? ›

2GB RAM is more than enough for gaming on Android. Most games will run just fine on a device with 2GB RAM, and some may even run better than on a device with more RAM. Of course, there are always exceptions, and some games may require more RAM than others, but for the most part, 2GB RAM is plenty for gaming on Android.


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