How to get a vehicle history report online (absolutely free) (2023)

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As the world progresses, people find new ways to commit fraud and corruption. With the increase in fraud cases, we must update ourselves to escape swindles. When someone buys a secondhand car, there is a huge chance of being misguiding and scammed. It is near too impossible for a common man to judge these dirty tricks.


The buyer of the car demands that the automobile must hold all the specifications that are being told to them. To end this confusion, it is best to use online vehicle history checkers. This article presents the best free VIN check named VinPit.

What can you get from a free vehicle history report?

A vehicle history report describes the complete information about a car. It won't be wrong to say that this report serves as a postmortem report of the car. All you need is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and within a few seconds, the history of the car will be displayed on the screen.

This report includes ownerships, accidental reports, distance covered by the car, and much more. The following are some of the points that elaborate the use of a Car History Report.

  • Detail of encountered accidents

A car report shows all the accidents that are encountered by the car. This report explains the extent of the accident. People get the vehicle repaired and hide the accidents and incidents that are faced by the car, but this report reveals all the secrets.

  • Loss and damage to the car

The damage caused by road accidents can be ignored, but the harm caused by other incidents should not be neglected. This report tells the user the flood, fire, hailstorm damages caused to the car. It is necessary to inspect the car closely if you are thinking of buying it.

  • Title history of the automobile

The free car report indicates the title of the car. Sometimes people repair the damaged vehicle so that it could at least roll on its wheels on the road. They try to sell it with a salvage brand. Laymen don't have this knowledge. For this purpose, this report identifies the car's accurate title to make the car's status clear for the buyer.

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  • Ownership of the vehicle

The vehicle history check of the particular car tells the names of the owners who owned that car at different times. It also identifies the type of the owners. This helps to understand how the car was looked after during the ownership of previous owners.

  • Mileage covered by the car

This report gives information about the mileage covered by the vehicle. The user can match the readings of the report with the mileage readings in the odometer. If the readings differ from each other, then there might be fraud involved.

  • Maintenance record of the vehicle

The buyer won't get every minute service detail of the car from this report, but general service records will be provided. This will help to understand whether the car was regularly maintained or not. It tells the condition of the car.

  • Authorization and registration of the automobile

The buyer can find authorizations of the car along with the date and time. If the buyer looks closely at the records, then he might find information if the car was stolen or reconstructed. It will identify the worth of the car.

How to get a vehicle history report online with VinPit?

When buying a car, apart from the physical appearance, the internal quality of the car matters the most. Car dealers usually cover the internal faults of the car with outer appearance. It is nearly impossible for ordinary people to catch such faults. For this purpose, it is wise to use VinPit to get the minor to major vehicle history about the car to avoid future troubles.

What is VinPit?

VinPit is an online platform that is used to find the free vehicle history of any automobile if the vehicle identification number is known. With the help of this 17 character code, you can get the car's original specifications along with the mileage covered by that particular vehicle.

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VinPit comes in handy when you are willing to buy a car. One can trust this platform as it will provide you with authentic information about the car. The hidden accidents faced by the car will be revealed with the help of this web application. The user of VinPit not only views the vehicle history report of the car but also has permission to download and share it.

VinPit official website:

How to get a free vehicle history report?

To get a free vehicle history report by VIN Number, certain steps need to be followed. This article provides three easy steps to get an absolutely free car history report by using VinPit. The user can get to know more about maintaining VIN check reports by accessing this information.

Step 1: The first step is to get the VIN of the car. Usually, this 17 digit string is written at the back of the engine of any automobile.

Step 2: After finding the VIN, the next step is to go to the online website of VinPit. From the toolbar, select the option 'Vehicle History Report.' Now provide the VIN on the space given by VinPit and press enter. VinPit will match the VIN of the car with the record in the database. The final result will be displayed on the screen.

Step 3: The user can save the given free vehicle history report by VIN into the computer. It can also be shared with different people if needed.

Why VinPit is the best site to do a VIN lookup?

VinPit is a free VIN lookup service that is available over the internet with features that make it unique as compared to other tools. Following are some of the features that mark it the best free car report checker.

  • Huge database

VinPit gets regularly updated information from different agencies like police, insurance companies, and leasing companies. This helps to maintain a big database of its own for the user. That is why it provides legit information to the user.

  • Inspection with vehicle usage

It performs a technical inspection on the vehicle. During this inspection, it fetches information that includes engine number, engine capacity, model, CO2 emissions, changes in the number plate, and much other crucial information.

  • Information about stolen cars

Due to its association with data providing agencies, it has a complete record of the cars that are stolen or damaged. If the buyer likes a particular car, then this tool will notify him about the past theft records of that car.

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  • Attractive interface with customer service

This tool comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for the user to get the free car history report. It guides the user throughout the whole process. Other than this, it provides 24/7 service to its customers.

Confirm Vehicle History and Owners through VinPit >>

How to do a free VIN lookup?

If a person wishes to find the complete information about an automobile, then there is a need to do a free VIN lookup. There are different ways to do this, some of which are below.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

This is a legitimate website that provides 100% accurate information. NICB works in the cases where cars are reported as stolen, lost, salvaged, or damaged in any accidents. It allows its users to do 5 searches in a single day using one IP address. To find the information on any car following are the steps that are needed to be followed.

Step 1: Go to the NICB website, enter the VIN and accept the terms and conditions of NICB.

Step 2: As soon as enter is pressed, the free vehicle history report will be displayed on the screen.


iSeeCars is a good option if you wish to sell a car as this website performs a complete analysis of the car. It provides the amount to be depreciated from the price of the car. Other than this, it informs the user of the correct time to buy or sell a car according to the market trends.

It provides 5 searches per month. To get this complete analysis of your car, the following are the steps that need to be followed.

Step 1: Visit the website of iSeeCars, provide the VIN and click the analyze button.

Step 2: After processing the information, the website will display market value, car history report, theft check, and much more to the user.

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Other free vehicle information sources

Before buying an automobile, check the VIN information of it to avoid unseen future problems. Below are some resources that provide free vehicle information.

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

This is a verified website that is run by the US Federal Government. This website is developed to overcome the accidents caused by vehicles. NHTSA tries to reduce the injuries and death rate because of car crashes. This site plays a vital role in standardizing automobile safety criteria.

  • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

IIHS is a non-profitable website that is under the control of two insurance companies. The purpose of IIHS is to create awareness among people regarding traffic rules and regulations. The main concern of IIHS is to avoid road accidents and adapt to safety in the streets. The funds gathered by this NGO are served for promotion purposes. It also performs tests to gauge vehicle rating.

  • The Kelly Blue Book

The KBB is a well-known and an approved website in the automobile industry because of its accurate results of vehicle valuations. It is a California-based company. Because it provides a precise price of the vehicle it is a popular and trusted source of information.

  • CARFAX Flood Check

CARFAX takes the VIN from the user and provides a free car history report related to flood damage. In other words, it has a database of flood damage records that helps people to learn about the vehicles damaged in floods for free.


In our lives, misfortunes happen every other day, but they can be dodged if we take smart steps. The same is the case when a person buys a car. His mind is full of confusion and questions because he is paying a handsome amount for an automobile. All the answers to his questions lie in the VIN of the car to be bought.

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With the help of an online platform like VinPit, the buyer can fetch all the required information by using the VIN. This tool is the best for getting vehicle history information. Other than this, there are other resources like NICB that provide free vehicle history to the user.


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